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Horoscopes for January 2024

Happy New Year, my friends! Here are this month's astrological horoscopes! Read them as messages that the cosmos has especially for you. If you know your Sun and Rising Signs read both. If you don't know them and you'd like to know your moon or rising signs, or would enjoy a full astrological reading, click here to schedule a reading with Theresa Varela | Spiritual Consultations.

The astrology for this month makes for a wonderful way to begin the New Year. We begin with the planning and analytical gifts of Capricorn, the cardinal earthy sign, for the New Moon when we begin to design our creations. We then move to Leo, the fixed fire sign, who is known for the shining the light of the sun for our Full Moon! I wish you the happiest, healthiest, and most prosperous New Year in a way that only your personal faith and intention toward manifestation will bring!


You are posed to begin this year with movement in the public eye. There is opportunity for that which you’ve worked on to come to light in the larger sphere of your life. Feel positive about the recognition of the creativity that belongs to you. It may be larger than you anticipated and might take some getting used to. 



Your involvement in a podcast, a new book, or travel are set to soar. You may be struck by the swiftness of it all. The recognitions you encounter in your outer king or queendoms can very well change your belief in yourself and what you’ve come from be it home or lineage. Accept this time with grace.



Planned financial ventures take the spotlight. These are transformational times for you. Be sure to take care of the inner you that may need time to catch up with the outer changes. Use your gifts of communication in the medium most comfortable for you. You may be signing those contracts or agreements you've had your eye on. 



Those relationships you nurtured may very well show up for you this month to a level that you never expected. These happenings bring forth a sense of positivity about yourself. They may also result in possession of materials that bring you a feeling of self-worth.



The focus is on the daily patterns of your life. Be sure to include measures for tip-top health. How you show up in the world is because of the habits that you’ve cultivated. Allow your relationships to  help you to shine the shine that is you! This time can very well result in awesome changes in your public life.



Those creations you’ve been working on are ready for the spotlight! There may be chances for them to sit in the limelight as the opportunity for publicizing them may be nearer than you think. Later in the month, replenish your instrument (your physical) by going on a much-needed furlough in whatever way that spells rejuvenation!



It’s all home based for you, Libra. Acknowledge the transformational gifts that you receive from your partners. It’s always a little give and take and now is a time for the light to beam on you. Your children, your works of art, all that make you prosper may find themselves in a place in the sun.



Be clear in the contracts that you sign this month, Scorpions. The relationships, cousins and siblings, that you hold dear whether in your personal life or in your work life will be paramount to your new venture. You may have the chance to jettison from the world that you knew to the one that the stars have lit especially for you.



While you are experiencing the go-for-it-at-full- throttle vibe, the cosmic energies are encouraging you to plan a step-by-step path that will afford you a higher sense of self-worth in your pursuit. Make sure communications are pristine as you catapult in your travels or pursuit of education. Remember communications include both listening and speaking.



What a perfect time to bring forward your planning skills as you create. The stars conspire with you. Be sure to be clear of your intent and that others in your sphere are in alignment with your desires. That self-esteem you’re feeling? Enjoy! It took many hands to help you get where you are, but most importantly your hand was in it.



Your sense of spirit is contagious, in such a good way! Have you considered holding that spiritual retreat you’ve thought about? If you have built your foundation for it, the ancestors say now is the time. Speak to your loved ones about what’s going on inside you. They may very well light the candle to your desires.



You find yourself in the spotlight and your community is holding you up in a warm way! Take your time, knowing that you are the most important person to take care of. Say what you need and be ready for it to manifest. Keep the faith. You are worth the help that others reach out to give you. Never say no to a spiritual gift.


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