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September Horoscopes

Welcome September!

Hello! Thank you for visiting today and for opening your arms to embrace and learn the astrological mysteries of your life! You are welcome here! If you know your Sun and Rising Signs read both. If you don't know them, if you'd like to know your moon sign, or would enjoy a full astrological reading, click here to schedule a read Theresa Varela | Spiritual Consultations

Aries and Aries Rising

The full moon in Pisces heralds a month of taking care of your physical being and assessing what is necessary for you to keep yourself in good health. Read and listen to the messages that you receive. Your intuitive self will guide you in the right direction in the daily patterning that keep your physical energy as strong as it could be. If you need to take time away from your regular routines to do so, savor the time. Be sure to attend to yourself in ways that may seem new. Gravitate to this energy of regeneration and take time for yourself. You won’t regret it.

Taurus and Taurus Rising

Bring forth the magic of your artistry and other creative projects out to your community. They are ready for you. The detail that you have used in the manifestation of your work must be connected with the outside world. While you may have hidden your fears about showcasing what has up until now been a private knowing, remember that under the bright light of the moon, you are nurtured, and you experience a deep mystical sense of wonder. Allow your spiritual strength to embrace you as you emerge from being the traditional person everyone thought they knew and shine your new self.

Gemini and Gemini Rising

Quickness of thought and swift communication give rise to your connection with your true calling. Know that your heritage holds as grounding for work that you manifest in the world. Home is somewhere you return to after sharing glimmers of your light in the world. Your family and home have been significant to who you are today and in who you project out in the world. Are you giving voice to what you’ve known and are ready to share? The cosmos says the time is prime for doing so.

Cancer and Cancer Rising

Communication figures significantly in your close relationships and in your personal world. Your close relationships, larger community, and your very own persona are ready for the depth of who you are, and you will be supported. While your movement between two worlds may seem like a challenge, go forward, and embrace your revolutionary self. Your greater vision is jump started without much personal effort. Go with the flow of the Universes.

Leo and Leo Rising

Take care to be the most essential you in your life and observe and experience the gratifying feelings of peaking self-worth and value. This will influence your relationship and brings forward unique and new aspects to it. This month is a time to be pristine for the self and see how it shows up in the comfort of your calling. Roar about the beauty of who you are. You will appreciate you as well as those who share your world in love.

Virgo and Virgo Rising

This month is your month, Virgo. Be who you are, impeccable in your approach, and that should hold you in good stead in your relationships that go deep and in which you may be feeling some constraint and restriction. Allow travel and activities of the higher mind to make sense and provide comfort as sudden awarenesses and events occur. You can do your part with the pristine actions you are known for and then allow the Universes to do its part as you shift and progress.

Libra and Libra Rising

Take time this month to enjoy life behind the scenes with your loved ones and whatever your creative projects are. Something great is coming forward. Revel in this transformative time. Your relationships are key to bolstering your creative lives even if they are feeling prickly, whether in your memories, or in today's truths. Someone may surprise you with the backing you need for your creativity to manifest.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

Your larger community proves significant to your creative mystical works. By going deep into your gifts, the cosmic energies shine a light on your abilities. Don’t be quiet about your creations. Be aware that moving out of your usual quiet reflective zone will enrich your life with a depth you may not have been in contact with before. Your community supports and loves you. Know that as you go deep and trust in the nature of your higher power.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

Discard any misgivings that you may have about your calling. Working with the details help to assuage any lack of clarity. Where you come from and where you are going are two very different things. Balance your higher vision within the scope of your everyday life patterns. Routinely working toward your vision assures you of manifestation of your dreams. What may seem like limits are actually containers created to support your ideas.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

Time to elevate up, my Capricorn friends! Be creative as you work toward your higher self for the good of you and those who surround you. Old inner aches and pains, from this life or past lives, may pull at your energies. Keep your eyes on higher ground and it will be easier to step up larger on your life path. Be aware of legalities that are essential to be worked through as moving forward. Allow your creative self to augment the usually planning and practical you!

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

Transformation reigns that affect your sense of self-worth and give you stamps of approval. Your past conspires with the universes to show that you have come a long way while you may have had doubt of your abilities as you've progressed. Positive affirmations can help you to believe in yourself. Allow others who are as fierce as you are to help you along the way. A person of the feminine persuasion offers their service to you in an unexpectedly powerful way.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

You may be going back and forth in your relationships. Are they stifling you and keeping you from the person you believe you are meant to be? It may be your outlook that has you believing this. Take measures to increase your sense of self-esteem. Try to observe, objectively, who you are. Your close relatives and friends may help you to see yourself in a refreshing and positive manner. Allow your relationships, even those you doubt, help you to see more clearly. A person of the feminine persuasion helps you transform your perspectives in your mundane, yet extraordinary, life.

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