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May's Full Flower Moon in Scorpio

Updated: May 6, 2023

copyright image: The Gypsy Thread

There are many ways in which to perceive the full moon in this month of May. It is known by the Full Corn Planting Moon or the Full Flower Moon and we are blessed with a Lunar Eclipse at 14 degrees in Scorpio. Those words evoke the image of profound beauty! We are the ones who dig our feet into the ways we in which we are familiar and comfortable. That is one way Taureans feel most secure in this world. However, the eclipse in Scorpio, Taureans opposing sign, will guarantee major transformations for us that will take place over time. No need to fret if you are one who enjoys a good meal and a movie on the way to your next station in life. Fourteen degrees of Scorpio brings along with it that Neptunian depth. Be aware of illusion that may be of your own making. As the veils are pulled and you step into a different reality know that you are being taken care of and you are your best advocate. Taurus provides a sense of security, abundance, and comfort in our choice of relationships, living situations, and our financial wealth, if only we allow it to do so. Scorpio provides depth, intuition, and knowledge of the unconscious. Take time to place your hands into or onto the earth and give thanks for all that you have. Ask your Source to show you what you need to know. Appreciate the richness that you are provided with in your daily life and contemplate on how you can give back to Source who provides for you. All signs will enjoy the fruits of these transits in different ways. If you are interested in a full astrological reading, I would be happy to with you. Knowing your celestial blueprint can help you to make informed decisions as you walk your path on this planet. Theresa Varela | Spiritual Consultations

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