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Graciella's weekly message

Graciella la Gitana©


This week is abundant with the promise of new beginnings and the awareness of the gestation of your dreams. There is something here about crossing over the threshold to a fresh new perspective and awakening to the process of development of your creation. Have you only thought about your creativity in terms of it being lucrative? Have you poured love into what will become manifest? Maybe you will be receiving a big fat check. That is possible. It is also possible that you will feel the creative stirrings within telling you that a birth is imminent. Only you know what egg you have sat on. Only you know whether you have felt the crack of the fragile shell underneath you. Patience in fertility is key. All will be born and shown in the light of the Universe in its time.

With love and the light of smokey quartz,

Graciella and Theresa

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