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Graciella's weekly message

Graciella la Gitana©


The question you will be asked to respond to during this upcoming week is, Where Do You Stand? The question holds the assumption that you are willing to take a stand and to stick by it. The image of the young Graciella standing at a carnival wheel makes one want to think. At least, I do. Taking a chance on stating your desires and preferences aloud may bring the concepts of fear and love to the forefront. At least to some. Others may say, No biggie, I don't care. But is that true? We all care about the decisions we make in life and when we speak them aloud we move toward manifestation of our dreams. There are many colors on the wheel between love and hate. Turn your wheel. Take a chance. Make your heart's desire known. Whisper it under the night sky's constellations. It will be heard. It will begin to manifest. Choose to speak in love, not fear!

In love and the deep burgundy of the soothing garnet light,

Graciella and Theresa

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