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Graciella's Weekly Message

Graciella la Gitana Oracle©

The Earth:

Graciella embraces us and we are enveloped in the love of the Earth. We come here for a time and then we leave. We engage in fulfilling our promise. Or we don't. We become mired in the seemingly exhaustive lists of things to do and to become. Graciella encourages us to reconsider and reflect. What is that you came here to do? Was it to pour love and healing onto this planet we call home? Or to get stuck in the injustices that all too often prevail? Take a moment to sit with your purpose. To remind yourself of what it was that you had contracted to do when you arrived, a screaming squirming infant looking to be nurtured. What is the nurturing you give now in return now as you stand on your own two feet on the magnificent planet that needs your love and nourishment. Give back to the Mother as you have received. Create the balance we so profoundly need. All of us.

In the light of rosy love,

Graciella and Theresa

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