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Graciella's Message

Graciella La Gitana© The Spiral

Ascend the helix without trepidation

While this is a familiar situation

It is not a repeat performance

Utilize experience to your advantage


The Spiral:

We grow, we learn, we move forward in life, aware that time doesn’t stand still. We gather our experiences and consider them as we make changes in our lives. Nothing is to be discarded and everything may be used for a lesson. Graciella urges us to reflect on the actions we are taking or about to take. Are they the most logical? The most rational? Or maybe conversely, they seem illogical and idealistic. The most irrational may very well be the actions that are right for you now. Be open to the avenues before you. You’ve arrived here because you’ve been on the path and it’s time to take next steps, hopefully, with joy and ease!

With love and the glow of burning embers,

Graciella and Theresa


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