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Graciella la Gitana Weekly Reading

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Graciella la Gitana- Fidelity


Graciella encourages us to look within and reflect on whether we are being true to ourselves. Are there situations in your life this week that require you to take pause and determine whether the road taken is the wiser choice?

We are often ushered into new endeavors, job situations, or relationships by others. In respecting the needs of others, we may neglect our own. It is prudent to have support groups and best friends who know us well and can give us advice, but it is up to us to know within our hearts whether the choices we make are right for us.

The little nugget of insecurity within us all may have us stalling or rethinking our best interests until they become the choices not made, the opportunities left behind. This week will bring us moments that deserve the pause necessary in taking the path that best meets our needs. Pause. Breathe. We each deserve this moment that moves us forward in our experience of life.

We would be honored to read for you! If you would like to schedule a personal reading, click here: Theresa Varela | Spiritual Consultations

In light and radiant love,

Graciella and Theresa

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