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Graciella la Gitana Oracle© Weekly reading

Graciella la Gitana Oracle- Poverty


The thought of poverty brings the feeling of fear. The fear of whether we will have enough or if we can do without. The images that come to mind are of hunger, a state of homelessness, and maybe even of having to beg from another. These ideas and thoughts are uncomfortable and disturbing but are we already living in a state of poverty and what do we about it if we are?

There are many types of poverty. There is poverty of speech that may come due to some mental illnesses but are you experiencing poverty of speech because you are unable to express your true feelings or thoughts. Will you have to give something up if you speak your true mind? Will relationships suffer because you have spoken your truth and have stated your unpopular position?

Are you identifying with the state of poverty because of an emptiness within you? Are you in a state of "poor me" when there is nothing further from the truth? An individual may feel this impoverished state only because they don't believe that they have received what is their due.

Graciella advises you to take a good look into the feeling of poverty that you encounter this week. Looking into one's mirror can be a great indicator of truth. Are you afraid to do that? Then go right ahead and look. Only you can determine the truth behind the feeling.

In love and compassion,

Graciella and Theresa

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