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August's Full Moon in Aquarius

The Moon in Aquarius is elusive yet provides comfort in its independence. Those born under this moon have love that is freely given and is not cloying. They have no expectation that their children will fulfill their needs. Their friendship gives you space to be yourself. Yes, they can be a bit eccentric, creative, and unpredictable. However, those with their Moon in Aquarius can be depended upon for altruism and social consciousness.

This Full Moon is Aquarius is a time to consider your ties to society and what you've contemplated your contributions to be. Have you started a campaign for the alleviation of food insecurity? Or have you begun a clothing or diaper drive within your community? Celebrate the work you have done. Your name may not be in lights on a marquee. You may not win a Pulitzer for the proposal you've written or are planning to write. Emulate the energy of those with Aquarian Moons. Know in your being that you walk the right road. Be at peace with yourself as you give thanks during this full moon.

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