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Full Thunder Moon

Today's Full Thunder Moon is in the sign of Capricorn. The placement of the moon in Capricorn is one of control and the ability to plan with self-determination as a foundation. Allow your analytic sense to guide you away from the actions that when overcome with emotion will not yield the results that you envision. During this time of the full thunder moon, we are reminded of the crops that need rain, the unexpected flashes of insight we are provided, and the caution to protect oneself in the both the dark of the day and the light of the night.

In the Orisha tradition, the priests honor Chango, the Orisha of Thunder and Lightning each time the thunderclaps and the lightning strikes by saying Kabio Sile Chango. He represents business, firemen, and the charisma that only knowledge of the power within can engender.

Kabio Sile, Chango!


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