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Graciella's Weekly Message

Graciella la Gitana Oracle© The Fortune Teller

The Fortune Teller:

This week brings you the opportunity to sit in front of another to seek information that is needed and that you do not already have. The person that you choose has knowledge that will benefit you in an area in which only you are aware. Is your question regarding your health and you are in need of a healer who has a cornucopia of oils, herbs, and essences that will benefit you? Is it a financial adviser who will provide information on your long-term savings plan? Is it a spiritual consultation that will help bring clarity to your life? Graciella encourages you to put your cards on the table. Be honest when you need help. Reach out through a trusted person for a recommendation if you're not exactly sure where to turn. You do not have to sit through this predicament or dilemma alone. This is why humanity is comprised of more than one person. We are here for each other.

With love and grace,

Theresa and Graciella

If you are interested in spiritual consultation or astrological reading, please reach out! We would be honored to read for you. Theresa Varela | Spiritual Consultations

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