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Graciella's weekly message

Graciella la Gitana Oracle © The Gypsy

Graciella la Gitana Oracle © Impasse

Graciella la Gitana Oracle © Water

This week's reading is tricky or may be very clever depending on your perspective. In pulling the cards, I allowed my human self to interfere in what message I received and what I should send out into the Universe. One card flew out of the deck, one card gave me a slight knot in my gut, the third card said, I'm it too. I decided to go with the three cards that showed themselves. Graciella's oracle is about story telling. For those who have sat with the oracle over time, I'm sure you've become aware of Graciella's ability to weave a tale and provide clues to her meanings, message and her encouragement in the receipt of the message and what you will do with it. The original oracle set is not alphabetized. Although it may be frustrating, Graciella has wanted the cards to be set in rhythmic waves of knowledge. Her history, including the wisdoms, her challenges, and her growth is told in the story of the images. I believe that she wanted me to pull these three cards for this week's reading and to offer a snippet of narrative.

The Gypsy card depicts a woman of mystery. Many believe that they know her story, have made up lines and meanings that may not necessarily belong to her. She has done little to contradict, to sway, as her sacred narrative belongs to her alone. How does that fit into your life at this time?

The Impasse card shows what seems to be obstacles. If we look closely at the image, we become aware of the masculine characteristic of facing a problem head on. There is no sway, movement, or awareness of the sky that is opening and lighting the, path. We must allow the Universes to tell us when the timing is right for shifting and change to occur. Is the sun starting to break through your clouds bringing clarity and light?

The Water card is of the feminine element- of joy, of balance and harmony between the polarities of our beings. While we listen to the waters of intuition and emotion, we are also able to create boundaries between ourselves and that which is not healthful or safe for us. The boundary is depicted in the fence in the background.

Play with these three themes this week. Write what you believe the meanings are for you initially and then return to them next Tuesday evening and write down what actually happened. By the way, the handbook I am working on does present the cards in alphabetical order. We must honor the humaneness of ourselves and Graciella has graciously agreed to this. The book should be ready by early next year.

If you are interested in a personal reading, please feel free to schedule one at Theresa Varela | Spiritual Consultations.

With love and rosy light,

Graciella and Theresa

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