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Graciella's weekly message

Updated: Apr 8

Graciella la Gitana Oracle© Intimacy


I say that I love you and you return the words that I long to hear. When I gather my robes to me at dawn, I long to hear those words again and to feel your embrace. Instead, I watch as you plod toward the business of your day. I am saddened by the loneliness I feel and the expectations that I've held within my heart. I await your release.

Intimacy is defined differently among us. One may crave the intimacy of the mind, another the body, and yet another, the spiritual companionship of another. We are encouraged to reflect, as we experience the light of the sun that will be obscured by the moon, on what our personal definition of intimacy is separate from those of others. What will be the key to releasing oneself to the full intimacy that can be experienced with another. To be certain, one must first experience the intimacy of the self. What is your definition? What do you crave? How can I be fully me, allowing yourself to be fully you?

Under the light of the moon,

Graciella and Theresa

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