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Graciella la Gitana Weekly Reading

Graciella La Gitana Oracle© Ancestors

The Ancestors:

It's such a joy to see that the message this week given to us by Graciella is of the ancestors. Graciella asks you to observe in your meditation what the mandala of your lineage and your heritage brings to you. Is it one of a kaleidoscope of colors that frames your aura? Have you taken time to sit under this archway of love and support? Is your mandala one of images of those who have walked on this earth before you? Those that show themselves to you in your third eye bring goodness and kindness to you. Do your ancestors communicate with you through the fires of your passion and your art or creativity? Do they whisper love and encouragement during difficult transformations you may be undergoing?

Take a moment in meditation this week to link with the ancestors who have devoted themselves to you either on this earth or through the ethers. There is much you can glean from their wisdoms. Know that there is richness in your heritage. Look for it if you are uncertain. Get to know it. Learn from it as you go forth this week, knowing that you are never alone.

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In radiant light and love,

Theresa and Graciella

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