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Fear: Graciella la Gitana Oracle©

Fear: The idea of facing fear may initiate fear in those of us who use divination systems. This card holds the image of a young woman, the feminine, who carries the burden of fear. It seems that she could place the heavy object down, but she hasn't. She carries it.

There are all types of fears. Some are misguided. Others alert us to the need for action. When we are in fear, we may need an even stronger catalyst to propel us into taking measures to ensure that we are safe, that we have food to eat, or a house in which we remain sheltered. Only we know what frightens us and we must dig deep to connect with it and move it toward dissolution.

Those of us who are paralyzed in fear are encouraged to reach out a hand, ask a question, request a favor, tell our truth the way we perceive our truth to be. Don't betray yourself or those in your care by remaining in a high state of anxiety. Whatever it is that seems so big, know that there is help to make it right sized, if only we allow ourselves to accept the situation enough to seek another's aid. There is always a solution but if we remain quiet and in despair, we will never know how our situations can change for the better.

In the light of truth and love,

Graciella and Theresa

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