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As a spiritualist and medium, I offer consultations and coaching that I individualize for each of my clients. Depending on your need, I may channel loved ones who have been waiting for the opportunity to speak with you and offer downloads of information I receive for you from the highest and purist energy for your good. Integrating my knowledge of lineage and cultures, the use of tarot, and astrology, and the element of compassion as a foundation for healing brings you deeper understandings of the why's in your life.

I have an earned PhD from New York University and I have worked more than twenty-five years in the mental health field blending spirituality with culture and a deep understanding of the importance of lineage in healing. My spiritual teacher, Native elder, Oh Shinnah Fastwolf, well-known for her teachings on the Great Mother Goddess and love and respect for the Earth, taught me the power of spiritual ceremony for healing in ways that surpassed anything I had ever envisioned. I am an initiated priestess of Yemayá in the Lucumi lineage of the Yoruba tradition. I have studied Astrology with Rebecca Gordon.